Project Logistics

Project Logistics

Flyjac provides end-to-end project logistics services for entire large-scale, out-of-gauge and heavy-lift projects both domestically as well as internationally. This is achieved through an expertly trained global workforce and strategic partnerships in all geographies. Whether the assignment involves transporting and relocating an entire oil & gas exploration facility to a remote region thousands of miles away, or providing assistance to a multinational company in the relocation of its corporate offices, our engineers, managers, SMEs and field experts are well-qualified to execute the project successfully on time and cost-effectively.

Over the past two decades, we have served a wide range of verticals and industry segments including automobile, mining, construction, steel, export-import, marine and specialty chemicals. We own the machinery, equipment and the necessary infrastructure thus avoiding unpredictable dependencies.

Total Cargo & Supply Chain Solutions from Flyjac Logistics

  • Rigorous and comprehensive planning prior to the execution of your project logistics assignments
  • Vertical as well as horizontal integration of all project logistics
  • Advanced-level expertise in plant logistics
  • Careful attention to detail and single-point project management
  • Creative, out-of-the-box strategy implementation
  • Professionally conducted route surveys and structural engineering research
  • Top flight logistical support services such as document processing, customs clearance, warehousing and security
  • Project logistics services that conform to regulatory compliance, safety norms and environmental considerations

As a member of the Hitachi Transport System group, FLYJAC Logistics has successfully executed a large number of projects some of which include:

  • Shanghai Reliance Industries Silvasa Project of 900 CBM
  • Dalian Reliance Industries Silvasa Dahej Project of 900 CBM
  • USA to Oman ADMA Project for L&T of 1400 DBM
  • Transportation of electrical transformer weighing 180 tons from Chennai to Antwerp, Belgium
  • Transportation of brewery tanks to Sri Lanka for Ceylon Brewery Ltd.

As a project logistics services company with an unflinching commitment to our customers and their needs, FLYJAC Logistics is poised to address all your integrated project logistics requirements expertly and professionally.