Flyjac steps into new Horizon -   New Revenue Model – 'Consultancy'

Flyjac steps into new Horizon - New Revenue Model – "Consultancy"

Flyjac, over the years evolving as per the changing environment in the field of Freight forwarding, Customs Broking, Supply Chain etc and has emerged as a leading ILSP – Integrated Logistic Service Provider in India.

Celebrating the Silver Jubilee year, Flyjac has repositioned ourselves as ILSP – IINTEGRATED LOGISTIC SOLUTION PARTNER by providing various solutions to meet the current demands and requirements of our customers

Happy to quote this classic experience which is one of the few examples of re-positioning ourselves by adding value to our Customers by providing Solutions beyond being just a service provider. This has helped to promote Flyjac as the Dependable and Trusted business partner with Nissan group India.

We have partnered with Nissan group India from year 2009 for their entire customs broking activities in India. Though the scope is customs broking, we have been very successful in getting into other activities like, freight forwarding, domestic trucking, packing etc by showcasing our best capabilities.

Flyjac is then seen as not a simple customs broking company but truly as a institute with emerging solutions for any of their requirements.

There were few grey areas in Nissan especially on matters related to

  • Rebates and incentives from customs
  • Rebates and incentives from central excise
  • Dealing with DGFT for getting various scheme licences
  • Free Trade Agreement benefits
  • Revenue losses due to non compliance

After great persuasion, Nissan Group India has entrusted Flyjac to conduct a system study on the above pain areas.

Flyjac with the support of our IT team conducted system study in length, identified pain areas, offered solutions to overcome many hurdles in each process.

Infact Flyjac has initiated a complete IT solution to Nissan Group India on above areas to have clear visibility, remove manual interference, better tracking, check and controls, complete MIS and increased productivity.

Result of this new possibility, Flyjac is awarded with a contract from Nissan Group India to handle their complete activities related to

  • DGFT for getting various scheme licences
  • To process customs incentives and rebates
  • To deal with Free trade Agreement benefits
  • To deal with all overseas Nissan and Renault offices for shipping follow ups….(4PL)

Flyjac having stepped into this new horizon, started preparing its masterplan by forming clear structure to execute the committed deliverables by identifying the right resources. Few inhouse talented persons are thoroughly trained by industry specialists, made inhouse IT to develop tools to cater to these new activities and also taken the support of leading consultants in respective fields for all technical support wherever required.

Flyjac feel very proud to enter into this new Horizon with Nissan and poised to make a significant impact in the entire industry by becoming a true INTEGRATED LOGISTICS SOLUTION PARTNER.