Flyjac delivers a wide array of integrated logistics solutions to enterprises both large and small in key areas such as freight transportation, warehousing, distribution, 3PL, reverse logistics and end-to-end supply chain management only to name a few. What differentiates us as a logistics solutions provider from other companies?

Time-tested and proven track record

In business since 1990 and as a member of the Hitachi group of companies, the wealth of highly focused experience that Flyjac Logistics brings to the table is unmatched.

Global Reach

Flyjac commands an industry-wide leadership position owing to its vast network of agents, partners and service providers located on all major airports and seaports around the world. This relationship has been further cemented by our association with Hitachi Transport System Ltd. with which we merged in 2010. The merger has not only resulted in accelerated growth for Flyjac but has also provided us with seamless access to one of the world's largest logistics solutions network and infrastructure represented on all continents.

State-of-the-art IT Solutions

Process automation, remote monitoring and server implementation in the cloud are no longer buzz words at Flyjac Logistics. They reflect how we conduct business and deliver top-flight service to our customers as a matter of routine. Dedicated and customized IT solutions drive our operations and monitor processes in real time leaving no room for errors and omissions at Flyjac.