Collaboration and Visibility

Collaboration and Visibility

When we refer to visibility in the broader context of a dynamic supply chain, we are referring to an ability to see through our entire operation in all directions. When we talk about collaboration, we are once again referring to a supply chain environment that allows us to drive value, act and take swift decisions to support our customer communities. AT Flyjac, we have succeeded in combining technology with the human touch to bring about change in a sustainable environment while at the same time delivering our commitment to customers without compromise. How have we accomplished our goals?

The Technology Leverage

At Flyjac, we believe in leveraging the full force and power of cutting-edge technology to work closely with our customers, partners and agents. Serious limitations such as legacy or outdated technology systems do not exist at Flyjac. With 21st century solutions in our arsenal such as:

  • eTrans
  • eLog
  • eCustoms
  • Lmerge
  • eConnect
  • eView

We are able to collaborate with our partners, resolve unanticipated issues, and enhance performance and service delivery. Our technology advantage allows us to push critical data to our supply chain thus making it easier for all stakeholders to take prompt decisions and implement them in a timely manner. Connectivity and visibility throughout the supply chain enables us to deliver robust solutions on all fronts.

Human Communication

Although innovation typically impacts key operating practices in positive ways, the adoption of technology-based solutions has not given way to the traditional human touch at Flyjac. Managers communicate daily through voice and live messaging. They collaborate to stay in touch with each other as well as their customers. The supply chain continues to remain on the radar and visible to all at all times. Our holistic approach to the process of creative problem-solving based on an enterprise-wide commitment to collaboration and visibility throughout the supply chain has helped us earn the trust of our customers and serve them tirelessly.