Our Technology

The advent of technology has made mankind to view things in a different angle. The thirst for technology is rapidly increasing day by day, so people are looking out for new ways of reaching out to the other side of the world. Communication today is very vital and the time framed. Everyone needs information at the right place at the right time. So we need to keep in race with the advanced technology. In today's world customer is a very important entity and value added services needs to be given round the clock and information to the customer needs to be updated on a regular basis. Service industries need to equip themselves with the latest infrastructure and advanced technology to keep in pace with the current world in order to facilitate their valuable customers. Since information needs to available at any place, anytime. This takes us to a dynamic and powerful word called "INTEGRATION". Today service industry needs to integrate the information and make it available to its customers. Integration can take place at any level but the question is how to integrate keeping in view the information the customer needs. So we at Flyjac are having a real time integrated ERP Application, which provide end-to-end complete solutions to our customers and agents.

Highlights of our Real time ERP Application

  • Single Integrated application (Operation, Accounting, payroll, Tracking)
  • Elimination of data processing at multiple points and system in the chain
  • Integration of transportation and Logistics to create the supply chain
  • E-Commerce with customers/vendors
  • Visibility of point level information across supply chain to customers
  • As a result of above significant reduction of cost

Objective of our ERP

  • To provide enterprise solution for supply chain management based on advanced web technologies
  • To enhance efficiencies in supply chain management by providing visibility at part level
  • To encourage employee innovation and ensure customer satisfaction

Security Level at Flyjac

We at Flyjac have multiple levels of redundancy and security systems equipped with various levels of security and encryption using world-class software and hardware. We are equipped with gateway level virus scanners, desktop level virus scanners, and server level virus scanners with a very high proliferate Firewall protection systems disabling hackers to enter our security domain. Constant monitoring of the firewall logs, bandwidth utilization has been the main advantage of restricting unauthorized entities to enter to multiple level security domain of flyjac.

Our Team

We have a dedicated Team with rich experience, with exposure to the industry standards with knowledge of latest trends and technologies. We believe In Team Spirit and Team Effort, motivation, inspiration and commitment are our Team's Ideals.