Our Mission

Flyjac Logistics was founded on the belief that a professional and ethically upright organization never needs to create a market for its services. Rather, the market creates the space for it to operate regardless of the level of competition, large monopolies or unpredictable business challenges. Over the past two decades, we have grown to a fully integrated logistics company with a national standing.

Mission Statement

  • To be a partner of our customers in building a seamless value chain
  • To build care and competence in networking, communication and personalized service
  • To create opportunities for self-development and excellence
  • To empower and enroll toward social and spiritual development

Flyjac Logistics represents the unfolding of a dream–- to build a world-class company that is rooted in India in the wisdom and ethos of five thousand years of tradition. The merger of Hitachi Terminal System and Flyjac Logistics represented a marriage of the Indian and Japanese ethos. It combined Hitachi's strengths, its financial prowess, its global presence and its capabilities with Flyjac's unique customer-centric approach to business which has helped Flyjac Logistics to grow. Our watch words are:

  • Every business as an opportunity to serve
  • Customers as an extension of the Flyjac Family
  • Building friends [clients] for life