About Us

Commitment to customer satisfaction, a collective urge to remain constantly competitive, and a welcoming approach to the adoption of the latest technologies… this is how best we are able to introduce Flyjac Logistics to you.

Since its inception in 1990, Flyjac Logistics has grown to a logistics leader with a global footprint. Moreover, our nationwide presence at 27 corporate locations and 17 warehouse locations in India has put us on the national logistics map. With more than 5,000 customers and counting, we can proudly but humbly affirm that we have served companies in all major industry verticals.

The Major Milestone

In 2010, Flyjac Logistics merged with Hitachi Transport System, a group company of the renowned Hitachi Group of Japan. The merger has provided us with direct access to Hitachi's presence at major transportation gateways around the world. Additionally, the level of customer service we are able to deliver as a result of the merger has exceeded even our own expectations and performance benchmarks.

The Team

Flyjac Logistics is headquartered in Chennai in southern India. It is led by a team of highly experienced managers, supervisors and frontline workforce that is well-versed with the industry as well as with its ever-evolving dynamic shifts. Our in-house resources are supplemented and complemented by a reliable network of agents, partners and vendors with impeccable track records of their own. They have come on board with us only after extensive verification and validation procedures have been pursued.


At Flyjac Logistics, we follow industry trends and paradigm shifts closely to cater to emerging markets and industry best practices. For instance, we were among the first companies in India to provide logistics solutions to the growing ecommerce industry. We not only keep up with technology innovations but attempt to stay ahead. As an example, our entire suite of IT applications is web-based either directly or indirectly and operates in the cloud.

Write to us or call us so that we can perform a no-obligation preliminary analysis of your requirements and prove our capabilities to you!